Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yea for Soiree!

I have to share my VERY exciting news!

In December, I entered one of my invitation creations in a contest with Paper Source. If you don't know, Paper Source is an amazing paper company that started in Chicago and now has 29 stores in the US.

So, as I said, I entered their holiday card contest and was sad that I never heard back. I mean, of course I'm biased, but I thought my card(s) were really cute (yes, I actually entered two). Well, you guessed it...I got a letter from Chicago today and I WON!!

To be clear, I'm not the only winner (each store has one), but I was still pretty excited about this. The best part is that my creation will be featured on the Paper Source website later this year! They will be featuring all the winners to "inspire our fellow PS card makers to Do Something Creative Everyday!"

Of course, I will email you all and show it off once it hits the site. While you're waiting, check out my own little website, seen here. I'm on an unofficial hiatus while I design, create, and assemble my dear sister's wedding papers, but someday I'll get back to it more regularly.

Thanks for letting me gush!


Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Smarty, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is so exciting! You'll have to post a picture of your design here (when you're able to, that is). Congratulations once again!

smarty said...

Thanks Crew Girl! I am so excited! I will post pics, I just need to snap a few :)

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

That is awesome! Paper Source is one of my all time favorite stores! Congrats! I tried to explain to Aaron and Colin last night how cool this was and what a cool store paper source was, they werent really getting as excited as I was! :)

elegant_mom said...

Congratulations on your big win! Can't wait to see your post on your winning entry. :)

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

They are so yummy! Enjoy!

vanessa said...

Congratulations Stephanie! How exciting!