Monday, March 23, 2009

Living the dream

While our life certainly isn't perfect (hello, six month deployments!), we definitely feel very blessed and lucky. We have one another, live in a fabulous city and enjoy love and support from wonderful family and friends. When you think about it like that, it makes the small bumps seem pretty insignificant.

That said, while Branden's current job has him traveling a lot, there are also some fun perks. Recently, an admiral from the British Navy (called a "Commodore") was in town for some meetings and work with Branden's office. Over the weekend, the two admirals Branden works for hosted the Brits for a sunset cruise and dinner party. We were lucky enough to tag along and enjoy the festivities!

In February we also celebrated Branden and Colin's birthdays (Colin just moved out here from Florida, if you recall) and got to spend Valentine's day weekend in Chicago with our good friends.
Chilly Chicago (our future hometown? We hope so!) for Valentine's Day weekend

Steph, Rach & Steph - I love hanging out with my college roomies! I miss them so much!

Our new roommates (can't stay in college forever!) - Billy, Rachie's hubby, my sweetie, and Dusten, Steph's soon-to-be hubby!

Happy 29th, my love! Welcome to the club of almost-30!

Happy be-glad-you're-not-29-yet Birthday, Colin!

Sailing around the bay at sunset with the Admirals!

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