Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Travels, Part 1

Because 2008 was a busy year of travel for Branden and I (and he was deployed for six months), we had decided to spend Thanksgiving at home (that didn't happen, but that's a story for another day) and Christmas traveling to see both families. Given that, Christmas 2008 was a whirlwind of planes, trains and automobiles! We spent six days in Minnesota/Wisconsin with the Martys and six days in Mexico with the Deals. We didn't come home in between trips, so we were quite a sight with our four huge suitcases that went all 6,000 miles with us!

Here's Christmas in Northern Wisconsin, at Grandpa Rowe's cabin.

I wouldn't mind snow if it was always this beautiful!

Cross-Country skiing on Christmas Eve

Beautiful Jackson Lake, frozen solid.

Traditional Rowe/Marty Christmas Eve dinner: Fondue. This is one of my favorite family traditions!

Settling in for another family tradition: Grandpa reads 'Twas the night before Christmas before all of us kiddies are sent to bed !

Christmas morning visitor!

Ryan, playing his traditional role of Santa

In the Marty home, it is tradition to play with all new gifts, as they are opened. Here is Grandpa testing out his new toy, a wine preserver.

Yes, I'm still the shortest!

Preparing the field for the annual Christmas Day football game (it ended in a tie, as always).

Playing a joke on Mom...Ryan's wedding was December 27, so the only rule for the football game was "no one gets hurt!". Don't worry, Ryan was fine!

Grandpa teaching Ryan some dance moves for his wedding!

Christmas Dinner - cheers!

Merry Marty Christmas!

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