Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yea for Soiree!

I have to share my VERY exciting news!

In December, I entered one of my invitation creations in a contest with Paper Source. If you don't know, Paper Source is an amazing paper company that started in Chicago and now has 29 stores in the US.

So, as I said, I entered their holiday card contest and was sad that I never heard back. I mean, of course I'm biased, but I thought my card(s) were really cute (yes, I actually entered two). Well, you guessed it...I got a letter from Chicago today and I WON!!

To be clear, I'm not the only winner (each store has one), but I was still pretty excited about this. The best part is that my creation will be featured on the Paper Source website later this year! They will be featuring all the winners to "inspire our fellow PS card makers to Do Something Creative Everyday!"

Of course, I will email you all and show it off once it hits the site. While you're waiting, check out my own little website, seen here. I'm on an unofficial hiatus while I design, create, and assemble my dear sister's wedding papers, but someday I'll get back to it more regularly.

Thanks for letting me gush!

America's Finest City

Have I previously used the post title "America's Finest City"? If so, I apologize. But, really, with weekends like these, how can you blame me?

Oh, and I didn't make that name up, "America's Finest City". It's official.

By the way, sorry if I've confused you. Branden is still in Bahrain; these pics were taken two weeks ago.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Pilot!

January has been a busy month for us (who knew getting older meant getting busier?! ). After just two weekends at home, we traveled to Pensacola, Florida for Colin's winging. You may remember, both of Branden's brothers are Marines. Ryan, the "little" one, is in the Special Forces (I don't really know what that means, but I 'm pretty sure it is bad a**) and Colin is, now, a helicopter pilot like B. Congrats, Colin!

On a side note, the rest of the month consisted of Steph traveling to wine country for work and B traveling to Hawaii, Virginia, DC, Korea and Bahrain (he's there now). I guess, if nothing else, all this traveling keeps the marriage fresh! :)

And, now, back to Colin...

Colin and his huge winging (graduation) class (sign of the times?). Branden graduated with just 15 or so pilots five years ago.

I'm very happy to report that Colin will be moving to San Diego next week!! The downside is he is only here for six months or so, and then he's off to North Carolina for about three years .

Ellen & Ryan, on their four-week wedding anniversary!

After the winging ceremony, each class sponsors an after-party at a local bar. You'll see, it gets a little rowdy...

Oh, geez. This is my darling husband doing the dance to Beyonce's "Put a Ring On It." Watch the video and you'll understand. No, he didn't look ridiculous.

Aaaaaaaand, now he's got Ryan doing it with him.

Thankfully, night two was a little more subdued. We went to one of my favorite Pensacola restaurants, Dharma Blue. Yum. If you ever go to P-cola (as we fondly refer to it), please eat here. Ah-mazing!

Yes, I am officially ghetto. Waffle House is my other favorite Pensacola restaurant. Lucky for you, these fine establishments can be found in many Southern cities, not just P-cola.

Hmmm...thinking of asking for orders to Mobile. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The amazing and talented...

Suzanne Hansen took these photos. So that you don't think we are completely narcissistic, we only had this photo shoot because we had a gift certificate from Suzanne (because we referred Billy and Rachel to her). I'm happy we did, though, because these photos are a great keepsake of our life in San Diego! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Holiday Travels, Part 2

Yes, I'll admit, it was a shock to our systems to go from this...

to this...

I'm always amazed at how beautiful the water is! The Pacific is so gray in comparison.

For the first two days we were in Cancun, my not-so-little nephews were with us. It was great to see them and I can't believe how much they've grown!!

Dillon is 17, Matthew is 15 and Tyler is 12 - unbelievable!

Heading out to New Year's dinner! Taking the obligatory photos by the fountain :)

Lovely ladies


Mom & Dad, so cute!

Does this room look familiar?? It's where we had our wedding reception! It is always so much fun to go back and remember our wonderful wedding weekend.

Happy 2009!!

Ryan Gets Hitched!

As you may remember, back in April, I went to visit Ellen, my sister-in-law-to-be. I'm happy to report that Ellen is now my sister-in-law! Ellen and Ryan got married in Minneapolis on December 27. It was a beautiful wedding and we were so happy to be a part of such a special weekend.

Proud parents, waiting for the ceremony to begin (doesn't the last hour before the wedding seem to take forever??).

Finally, it's time! The very handsome Marty boys waiting for their beautiful bridesmaids (and bride!).

Isn't black such an elegant choice for a winter wedding? All the girls looked beautiful!

Saying their "I Dos"

The Kiss!

A great looking group!

Finally Mr. & Mrs.!

The "80's Babies"
Travis, Jocelyn and Branden were all born in 1980 (they're cousins).

Sorry, had to show these off, since they're the work of Soiree Papier (ie, Branden and I)! You can't really see them in the photo, but each place card and menu was embellished with a tiny crystal to coordinate with Ellen's "winter sparkle" motif.

I love this picture! They're both laughing and the expression is pure joy.

Aren't they cute?! By the way, ladies, Colin is still available...

Grandpa's rule: each new Marty wife must give Grandpa the pleasure of at least one dance at her wedding!

The Rowe clan dancing to "Roll Out the Barrel". If you're new to Wisconsin, like I was, every Wisconsin wedding has at least one polka dance. "Roll Out the Barrel" is a favorite!

Proud Mommas!

What a fun night! Taking a load off with Kayla and her beau, David.

Yea, the happy couple! Congrats!

Sunday gift opening with the Martys and Victors. It was fun to enjoy an intimate brunch with the families and discuss our favorite moments from the big night.

One last shot before heading to the airport...on to part two!