Monday, May 11, 2009

Not just getting pudgy...

Have you seen me lately? If so, you were probably too sweet to notice the pounds I've slowly been packing on. Don't worry, I haven't completely let myself go (though, it does feel like it some days)...those are baby pounds!!! Yes, we are finally going to be blessed with a mini Marty in early November!

We are so very excited to share this amazing and exciting news with you! I apologize now if we've lied, dodged or completely ignored a question about babies from you recently, but we weren't ready to share our news until now. On Friday we had our third ultrasound and the Mini looks amazing! It is incredible to see the changes in just a few short weeks. Mini now looks like a real baby! The ultrasound pics don't do the experience justice, but it was awesome and overwhelming to see our healthy baby on the big screen and to hear a strong heartbeat of 150 bpm. We even got a little wave, like he/she was saying "hello"!

Enjoy the pictures and check back for more updates. While you're here, take our poll on the sidebar and let us know if you think Mini will be a boy or a girl. We're not finding out, so we're guessing too!