Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Shenanigans!

Despite this December seeming oddly short due to a late Thanksgiving, we still managed to attend and host the annual holiday soirees.

First up was a Holiday Sweater/Costume party at the Moeller's:

Krista is dressed as tinsel, fyi! Very Creative!

Next up was the annual Marty Holiday Party. As you know, this is our favorite party of the year and we take a lot of pride in hosting a festive bash. Unfortunately, due to a noise violation at Halloween (I feel like we live in the dorms again!), we had to substantially trim our guest list. We hosted a "Cookies & Cocktails" party for out closest San Diego friends. It was a great time and everyone went home with a tray of holiday cookies! I apologize I didn't manage to get any photos of the cookies, but they were all delicious.

Just like Middle school...girls in one corner, boys in the other (take notice, the boys are in the kitchen, closest to the cookies!). Sporting the "crowns" that came in our party poppers. Thanks, Jan Moeller, for providing the poppers (Jan is Erik and Amy's mom)!

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