Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My sister just got off the phone with a customer and, apparently, I was the topic of conversation. Christina mentioned I was going to be induced, rather than schedule an elective c-section. The rest of the conversation went like this...

So, she was like "Oh, so she's going to try to have the natural?" and I said yes, that you'd strongly prefer to avoid a c-section - and she goes "Oh, well, you know, babies born via c-section are SO much healthier. They come out all pink, and whole (?!) and just much healthier. I mean, I've done STUDIES on it. I mean, I am friends with people who have friends who have STUDIED it. It's really amazing. And did you know that you can also schedule a tummy tuck to be performed WHILE you're having a c-section? So it's really a much better option."


Sorry this is a short post...I need to go call the doc! I don't want to be piecing together my babies after they're born!!!

(BTW, I make no judgement on c-section vs. natural - that's a totally personal decision. But, seriously, c-sections babies are born WHOLE? Hahahahahaha!)

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MMM said...

WOW~ very interesting!!!

How are you? I'm anxiuosly awaiting your next update!

~Happy Holidays~