Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween Part 1 is behind us. We held a small dinner party this weekend in honor of the upcoming spooky holiday. We're looking forward to more fun festivities this upcoming weekend!

We were undecided as to which costume we liked better, so we tried out both at our dinner party. Option 1, seen here, is McCain/Palin. Option 2, seen below, is McCain/Obama. Which costume do you like better?? We're going to have to choose one for Oct 31st!

Prepping for the party - our attempts at mini caramel apples were unsuccessful, despite numerous attempts. Our other efforts were much more successful, thankfully!

Using Momma Marty's "crazy chocolate cake" recipe, Branden made these creepy cupcakes - they were delicious!

These caramel apples turned out much better than the mini version. Another delicious dessert!

No Halloween party would be complete without a costume contest. We had prizes for the Most Creative, Funniest and Best Overall costumes.

Momma Deal visited the week before, so she helped me with the table decor. I always appreciate her good design sense!

Eric (the old school golfer) won the Most Creative costume, Gregg (nerdy basketball player) won Funniest, and Erik (Will Farrell's "Elf") won Best Overall. Branden and I can be seen as McCain/Obama here...have you decided which costume you like better for us??

Best Overall Costume: Elf (from the movie, "Elf")
The best part is that this costume is 90% homemade!

Amy, the wine glass thief! Don't set your glass down when she's nearby, she'll snatch it up :) (She managed to steal four on this particular night!)

Happy early Halloween! What are you going to dress up as?
We'll be back next week with more Halloween fun!

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